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( from clients of our network architects/contractors )


...Very nice website, wish I had seen it before i started building...
Nick Foster, Angeles city

...Thank you. Your site has been most informative...
Rene Besido, Cebu



My name is Erlinda Ouano-Strinnholm and permanently residing in Sweden.
My parents are from Mandaue City an original Ouano clan.

I am honestly telling you about Noble Homes (member of network) who built my house in Liloan Villa Lida. It has been a long time already I am canvassing the prices and of course the quality of construction who in one way can build my house. But even my own cousin they made an initial estemate to reach almost 3-4 million pesos. Very expensive! Thanks to Senyor Santo Ninyo I got this Noble Homes whom I got to talk with by phone and of course communicating thru email and I got to conclude that they will build my house for less than 1 million...

Once again mam I can guarantee you this is a good company, an honest enginners and I can say cheaper one and in such a way an affordable one.
The most is that they are trustable also.

Very respectfully yours,
Erlinda Ouano-Strinnholm




S I R ;

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for giving me a bird's eye view of how to solve some of my dilemmas to expand the building into 2nd or possibly 3rd floor. And allow me to congratulate you because among the many which I inquired regarding the project it was only
a member of the network whom I was able to communicate directly with the president of the company who clearly explained in detail what needs to be done. Sad to say, however, that through other company-websites, I was directed to office personnel who in turn call their supervisors and engineers then narrate to me the second hand information thus making some answers more ambigous.

Very truly,

J. Ocampo, Manila




Good Day Engr. Allan Soco,

We viewed the pictures of the finished kitchen last night, needless to say it is a wonderful job you have done.
I tell you that living abroad and trying to build your home there in the Philippines has been quite a challenge.
To tell you the truth I was very reluctant to get anyone to do anything to the house until we could be there to see that things were done right. After our correspondance via e-mails with you, we put our trust in you and your workers to fix the totally bad job the first contractor had done on the kitchen.
Now, seeing the finished project I know that you did what you promised and have earned our trust. I am sure we will be doing more business in the future, we will call on you and your workers to help.
You may use this letter as a testamonial for your company.

Comming from.. Ernest & Myrna Hunt living in Dallas, Texas USA having built our retirement home in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines.




...I have several relatives who have built their houses and they have offered to help with the construction but I prefer to hire somebody who are professionals. I was impressed by your website and the services your office has to offer to absentee owner like me. I have a trusted individual who will see to it that the construction is going on smoothly and I plan to visit during construction...
Merly Cabrera (California, build in Laguna)




We ( are also interested in YOUR STORY about the house/structure you built here in the Philippines and who was your architect/contractor; it might be a great help for other people who are planning to construct in the Philippines soon. After all, our goal is to inform our readers the best way possible. Please E-mail us.

If you are a Philippine home-builder or architect we like to publish the testimonials of your clients here (after we have checked with the owner of the building).





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