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Philippines Construction Cost; Quality at Affordable Prices

  ... If you are looking for the lowest price we can not help you ...

 You can easily find a local architect / contractor who is very eager to design- or build your house at a low price. Only the problem is that you force him to use inferior materials and use any trick to keep his cost down to still make a profit. The sad result you will see after the contractor finished your house...

 We focus on quality, durability and after-sales service.

 Our experience is your profit; we will lead you step-by-step through the design- and construction process.


What is the cost to build a home in the Philippines?

 We do not offer a 'standard designed house' (model home) because it can never be exactly what you want; it will not fit your lot and the floorplan is not as you like it etc. Therefore we design a UNIQUE house to fit your LOT, WISHES and BUDGET.

Very rough cost estimate (based on the latest statistics of 2008) to build a house with a total floor area of 100 sq mt (1,100 sq ft), mostly including: materials (doors, windows, roof, kitchen, paint, tiles etc.), labor, electrical/plumbing, equipment, tools, professional fees (management, supervision etc.), mobilization, demobilization, temporary facilities, transportation, waste-disposal, blue prints, bonds, insurances and other incidentals to complete the work.
Not including (we offer this but seperately priced-) mostly are for example furniture, fixtures (chandelier etc.), appliances (aircon, refrigerator etc.), landscaping, fence/gate, pool.
Your construction-contract will contain all final details.

A) 'Budget' or 'Low Cost' (ordinary ceramic tiles or vinyl, ordinary paint, G.I. galvanized steel long span roofing, steel casement windows) lower than Php 1.5M

B) 'Average finish' (ceramic- and granite tiles or wood floor panels/parquet, good quality paint, insulated G.I. galvanized steel long span roofing, steel casement windows, cabinets in kitchen and bedrooms) Php 1.5M up to Php 2M

C) 'High-end finish' (granite tiles or wood floor panels/parquet, Decore- or Multiflex paint, insulated G.I. galvanized steel long span roofing or clay tiles, aluminum framed windows, laminated cabinets in kitchen and bedrooms, hot and cold water) Php 2M up to Php 2.5M

D) 'First class finish' (imported tiles or wood floor panels/parquet, Decore- or Multiflex paint with wall-mouldings, clay tile roofing, PVC framed windows, laminated cabinets in kitchen and bedrooms, hot and cold water) higher than Php 2.5M

For 200 sq mt (2,200 sq ft) multiply the prices by 2
For 300 sq mt (3,300 sq ft) multiply the prices by 3

We can only give you an EXACT price for construction if we know all details
(so we know exact what is included and what quality etc.) and we have to see the lot.
You do not like 'guess-work' and neither do we.
Our price does not come from 'out of nowhere'. In getting the EXACT cost of construction, our practice is to itemize all scope of works and materials based on complete plans from architects and engineers and you ofcourse.

* We collect all data available for the design of the house.
* Inspection of the site (lot) where we also can take pictures for you if you want.
* Evaluation of the exact location, the logistics/accessibility, regulations/restrictions of the local government or subdivision, soil-type, neighbor-buildings, availability of local skilled labor, source of electricity/water etc. because this effects the design/price.
* Draft a short report for owners info and evaluation.
* Make schematic design and floor plan for owners approval subject to relevant revisions incorporating owners requirements and actual condition of the lot.
* Make the blueprints.

Construction takes roughly 5 months but before that we need about 6 weeks for blue prints and building permit.

Is your budget sufficient?

The most affordable house we can build cost US$ 25,000 (Php 1M)


For the building cost of commercial buildings in the Philippines (warehouse - factory - condominium - townhouse - apartment - subdivision - resort - office - store - industrial building - call center - boarding house - bar - restaurant - hotel - multi-storey building - dormitory - memorial complexes - school - clubhouse - bank - church) and physical planning, land development projects, mining management, site development, low cost housing, road construction of subdivisions and industrial estates; please contact us for more information.





Save Money

We can build with hollow blocks BUT one of the dis-advantages is that your walls (and interior) will become hot because of the sunlight.
Therefore we offer INSULATED walls;
- more or less the same price as when using hollow blocks
- keep the heat and noise outside, save money on aircon-bills
- typhoon and earthquake resistant
- up to 2x faster construction




FINANCING; Philippine Loan, Mortgage

We offer financing for big and small projects (housing loan or mortgage) with your lot as guarantee (collateral).




Philippine Lawyer (Attorney) for TITLING - VISA - DIVORCE

We offer also Legal Advice and -Services (NOT free):
- construction arbitration and real estate (land titling etc.)
- immigration (visa), dual citizenship
- annulment (divorce, marriage)
- labor law
- adoption
- maritime, environmental, mining, patent and trademark etc.



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