Building a house in the Philippines

If you need building materials or an architect for building a home in the Philippines; contractors at the end of this page can assist you to make a plan, estimate the cost price and suply the construction design plans and materials.

house building Philippines



building a house in the philippines

building a home in the philippines

house building philippines

build a house in the philippines

If you want to build a Philippine house you have to go through all of the normal steps of buying land, designing the house, selecting a builder, securing financing, overseeing the building process etc.

The Internet has blossomed during the last years and you can make yourself an expert in the area of house building; BUT there’s always the need of professionals...

A Philippine contractor is needed because the house building Philippines process has to be checked every day. Furthermore, even if you were one of the lucky few who had the time, without the practical experience, you would have a very difficult time managing the process. For most people the bottom line is that a builder, whom you hire, will be responsible for all of the nitty gritty details of getting the house built - not you. He is your house building expert and you should use him for his expertise.


Building a Philippine house

The vast majority of people can’t do it all themselves. A good builder is indispensable; house building Philippines.

Together you deceide on the ‘specifications’; the details behind the blue prints that define specifically what is to be built.

For example, let’s take the doors shown in your house plan. Specifications will tell you what color, size, and materials they are to made from, what kind of hardware they will have, whether they are to be painted, whether they will have door stops - and if they are - what kind of stops these will be.

Your House Building Philippines Contract is similarly important. It should cover all of the many contingencies that might arise in your building project. For example, if the builder is late in finishing your house, and you have to move out of your present one and into a rental apartment, who pays for this, you or your builder?

A one-page change order sheet with signature blocks should be included as an attachment to your contract.

Administrative costs charged by your builder for changed orders, if any, should be defined.

The time to complete your house should be clearly stipulated, as well as the penalties incurred by the builder if the house is not finished on time. As part of this clause, there should be a clear and unambiguous definition of when the clock starts and when it stops.

The house building Philippines builder’s warranties and guarantees should be stipulated.

A clause stating that all workmen should conduct themselves in a professional and business-like manner should be in the contract.

A clause stating that no alcoholic beverages or drugs of any kind shall be allowed on the construction site.

building a house in the philippines

building a home in the philippines

house building philippines

build a house in the philippines


For building a house in the Philippines;

Philippine home builders

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