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Cost to Build?
As of January 2012; the average estimated cost per sq mt for building your home in the Philippines, done by a contractor, is (drumroll) 
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How Long to Build?
Complete construction (including finishings) of houses in the Philippines takes on average 4 to 6 months but you need about 6 weeks for blueprints and building permit 
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Best Time to Build?
It’s maybe the best to start around January to build your Philippine house which will take at least until June. If the rain starts then your roof will already be in place, no problem 
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Buy a Lot?
You should know what the local rules, regulations and restrictions are before you purchase the land, as they may affect the size and shape of the house you want to build 
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How to Build a Home?
5 options in building your house in the Philippines 
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Home Builders - Contractors
‘you get what you pay for’
It is YOU who have to select the Philippine home builder who offers the best VALUE for your money 
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Swimming Pool
Swimming pool construction is best done by Philippine contractors using the ‘dry-pack method’ 
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Philippine roofing contractors mostly use corrugated galvanized steel or zinc-aluminum roof panels. Metal shingles are available, which create a tiled look 
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There are four major areas of insulation to plan for: walls, ceiling, roof and windows 
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Ask your Philippine home builder – contractor for the latest unique (permanent!) “anay” termite protection system 
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Building Permit
Do not even think about building a house in the Philippines without a building permit; a government official might order to stop the ongoing construction with all consequences 
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Cost of Building Materials
The cost of construction materials in the Philippines is mostly higher in the dry-season so better buy them at the end of the raining-season 
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Bungalow or 2-Storey?
One- or two storey is strictly an individual choice, and the difference in cost (if any) depends on the design. A one storey house is however mostly cheaper 
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ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms)
Superior sound-dampening qualities; you are saveguarded against the noise of that rampant pollution here; the karaoke-terror  
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Construction Methods
Remember that you can always replace a door or put new tiles in your house but you can NOT change the structure/foundation of your home; make a wise decision 
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Architects or Engineers?
Philippine architects know more about architectural house design than a contractor. While a home builder may make ‘some adaptations’ at your request, a good architect will anticipate your needs – even if you are not sure how to express them.
On the other hand; some architects tend to let their creativity get out of hand and design a house which is beautiful but not practical or economical; engineers and contractors know more about the practical ‘real world’ construction facts. You be the judge 
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Blueprints are the technical documents that illustrate the dimensions, location and orientation of the structure that you want to build in the Philippines. Oh; and only architects are allowed to sign... 
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House Designs
You can not simply ‘build the same house like a picture you see somewhere on the Internet’; it is intellectual property of an architect 
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Floor Plans
Select a floor plan that will fit your LOT, WISHES and BUDGET. Think of everything your house has to include, and write it down 
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Site Preparation
Maybe your house need to be higher than the road, or need excavation, backfilling, compaction, a retaining-wall, dewatering and/or runoff control measures etc. 
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