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...In Cebu we build at a GUARANTEED LOWEST COST...


How to select a Philippine Home Builder?

1) Ask how many projects he built WITHOUT HOLLOW BLOCKS.
(That's all.)

If your contractor says "we can do that also" they still do not have the skills - plus years of experience - and you probably don't want to be their 'test-case'...




Boracay contractor


Most non-Filipinos ('foreigners') and OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers); reject the 'hollow blocks' as building-method, for obvious reasons...
1) a hollow-block wall is as strong as its weakest link which is a hollow-block;
2) a hollow-block wall needs plaster. Take a close look at any outside-wall at any building here in the Philippines; the plaster cracks and lets water through to the steel bars in the hollow-blocks; rust = misery.


build in the Philippines


But it is not only the hollow blocks which are weak; also the structure ('post and beams'; columns) has proven in the Haiti earth-quake to be inferior. During an earthquake the hollow block walls will disappear first; after that the columns (now without support-) can swing to any direction:

earthquake Philippines earth quake




Living and Retiring in the Philippines

Most of the questions we receive from expats who want to live in the Philippines fit in one of the following four categories:

1) How to supplement my pension?
2) Where to live?
3) What is the cost of a house in the Philippines?
4) Which visa should I obtain?

Over the years we developed a 'Masterplan' which has all the answers.




Our architects are specialized in ‘Passive Cooling’; this means that they study the exact location, positioning, alignment and orientation of your house- and windows in relation to the sun, shadow plus wind as to provide a natural cool breeze. As a result the airconditioning unit can be chosen smaller and the electricity bill is lower.




Alternative Philippine Construction Methods

Philippine architects and contractors  

Solid Concrete Walls  10X stronger and still the same cost as hollow blocks. Typhoon and Earthquake resistant. American construction method.
No plaster = No cracks. Two times faster built.



list of construction companies in Cebu, Manila, Cavite, Pampanga, Batangas, Bulacan, Laguna, Makati

Philippines home insulation  

How to Insulate your House in the Philippines?

(see sample left) Two 3-inch thick solid concrete walls with steel bar reinforcement and one layer of polystyrene in the middle (the material your cooling-box is also made of).

Cost: ofcourse higher than a house without insulation. Want to know more? Just ask us.


prefab Philippines prefabricated modular  

Philippines PREFAB homes   Insulated plus the Quality is Superior because the parts that will form your building are made under controlled factory-conditions. ' Built in 1 day '



Philippines ICF  

Philippines ICF   Cost: little higher than hollow blocks but Insulated; keeps heat/noise outside ('the karaoke-terror'), providing comfort and saving on aircon-bills.

Beauty inside/outside: it is cheaper to cover the walls inside- and outside with beautiful paneling or veneers; thousands of possibilities.


Philippines investment opportunity Modern Zen Houses - Native - Nipa - Bamboo - Bali Mansions

Philippines Wooden House ? TERMITES ?

Ask for the unique permanent "anay" termite control system

 installed under your house before the construction


Philippines investment opportunities

TIP: If you do not like too many concrete we can also design your house partly with wood or use 'Feng Shui' and 'Green/ECO' WITHOUT AIRCON by researching the orientation of your house and the window alignment/positioning with the sun (shadow) plus wind. Nature plus an electric fan will provide a cool breeze and healthy indoor-air quality. After all the Philippines is too beautiful to live in a 'closed windows' house...




Just Some Thoughts...


1) You are used to fast communication (by E-mail etc.) and a higher standard of quality in design and -construction.
Philippine contractors and -architects have to recognise the fact that their efforts must be tripled or even more to be at par with the first world countries.
Does your contractor have a response time of less than 24 hours and gives a standard weekly progress-report about the construction (including pictures) by E-mail?

2) You know that a local 'contractor' (a carpenter or foreman without office and/or contract) is not an option.
According to the Philippines Construction Law there is a 15 year accountability on structural mistakes but will your contractor still be around by then?

3) You are afraid that your contractor will 'cheapen' your building or 'cut corners'.
Test your Philippine contractor and ask what he knows about 'Value Engineering'.
He should answer that it is all about removing unnecessary expenditures and finding alternatives; it is knowledge which local contractors might fail to recognize due to lack of information, shortage of time, rigid application of standards, reluctance to seek advice, habitual thinking, failure to admit ignorance, poor human relations, resistance to change or they make decisions based on feelings rather than facts.

4) Some foreigners start by asking an architect to make a design of the house they want; AFTER that they ask the estimated cost and find out that they cant afford...
So why do you not just tell what budget you have in mind and let the architect make a design that fit your LOT, WISHES and BUDGET?

5) Some foreigners feel the pressure of their Filipina wife to let a family-member or relative build the house or swimming pool.
Or the local 'foreman' who can do it at such a low price (he says).
But remember one subtle fact; according to the Philippines Construction Law there is a 15 year accountability on structural mistakes. The engineer or architect who signs the blueprints might be responsible if your building suddenly starts to tilt to the left...or your pool starts leaking.
You have to be pretty sure that your 'foreman' is financially capable to take that responsibility (or isn't gone then).
Now you understand also that making blueprints is not just 'making a drawing of the house'; it means the architect has to make sure he (and his team of specialists who know all about the soil-type, plumbing, electrical etc.) will create a home that stands for generations and that their neck is at stake. Same for pools; hire a specialist.

6) You do not like the weak 'hollow blocks' and want your house typhoon- and earthquake resistant.
To make the decision whether the quality of a hollow-block house is sufficient for you; just visit a few homes in the Philippines and take a good look at the wall near window-corners. Do you see cracks? Also look at the outside wall surface; do you see cracks? An alternative construction method is now available:
'Solid Concrete Walls Philippines'; American system, 2X faster, 10X stronger, much more durable than hollow blocks AND AT THE SAME COST...

7) Discounting is for Losers.
Giving a discount is the number one technique local Philippine 'contractors' (a foreman without office and/or contract) are using to get your attention but it actually reveals poor management. In the end it is YOU who will 'pay the price'.

8) You are worried about termites.
Ask your contractor for the latest unique (permanent!) "anay" termite protection system; simple and yet very effective installed under your house before construction.



In short; 'you get what you pay for' or 'GOOD WORK IS NEVER CHEAP, AND CHEAP WORK IS NEVER GOOD'

It is YOU who have to select the one who offers the best VALUE for your money.



retirement  living in the philippines. Philippines retirement Retirement might with important life changes; a retired worker for example a retiunity, living in the Philippines retirement philippines is the point where a person stops employment completely. BUILDING IN PHILIPPINES




  'Free Philippine House Design' can be Very Expensive

Any Philippine architect or engineer has to go through many years of study and a very strict board-exam. Same like doctors and lawyers.  There seems to be a common misconception amongst those who want to build a home in the Philippines; they expect an architect or Philippine contractor to make a sketch of the house and a floorplan...for free...
Doctors and Lawyers do not give free services...
Why would any self-respecting professional give free services? Is he maybe desparate to get a job? That would not be the best choice... and a licensed Philippine architect is by law not allowed to give free services.

Making blueprints is not just 'making a drawing of the house'; it means the architect has to make sure he (and his team of specialists who know all about the soil-type, plumbing, electrical etc.) will create a home that stands for generations. Because according to the Philippines Building Code there is a 15 year accountability on structural mistakes; the engineer or architect who signs the blueprints might be responsible if your building suddenly starts to tilt to the left...or your pool starts leaking. Now you also understand that Philippine architects are NOT EXPENSIVE; you pay the architect not simply for 'making a design'; there is MUCH MORE AT STAKE. You pay for his skills, craftsmanship, experience, arts, value engineering etc.

a Picture of YOUR Philippine House; click here...




modern houses Philippines

modern zen house philippines bungalow pictures of philippines native houses nipa hut builders of bamboo houses philippines termites treatment termite eradication philippines control. Philippines divorce Philippine annulment marriage separation Philippine child custody.


Procedure to Build a House in the Philippines

Six Easy Steps

 Philippines architects1:
Most important is COMMUNICATION. It's YOUR house so please tell your architect or contractor all about your plans/wishes; location to build, when, how many storey, rooms, floor area, budget-range between minimum and maximum (do you need financing/loan?) etc. so they can give you the best advice.

 Philippines house designs2: Just select from their data-base of house-designs and interior examples and they will make for you a UNIQUE design that will fit your LOT, WISHES and BUDGET.

 Philippines construction3: Inspection of your lot
a. verify location and orientation of your house- and window positioning/alignment with the sun, shadow plus wind (this effects design)
b. verify soil and neighbor-buildings (this effects design)
c. verify local government or subdivision's regulations/restrictions
d. verify logistics/accessibility
e. verify availability of building-materials and manpower
f. verify source of electricity/water
g. make pictures
h. make a short report of the findings

 Philippines house4: Select a method to construct; hollow blocks, solid concrete walls, light-weight concrete blocks (keep the heat and noise outside), 'green-building' (ECO-) etc.

 Philippines home5: With your help and directions they make a rough sketch of the house (colored schematic design) and floor plans to fit your LOT, WISHES and BUDGET.
This is subject to relevant revisions; you change it until perfect. They also bring you to the hardware stores to show what finishing materials will be used.
Then they calculate the construction-cost and give a timeline.

 Philippines home builders6: If approved by you; it is time to make the blueprints which contains all TECHNICAL details.
Then apply for a building-permit and start building.






Let your relative build your house in the Philippines!

No problem. But make sure that when one of the workers gets into an accident (or worse) you are not hold liable...

What do you know about the Philippines Construction Code?

Maybe better hire a
licensed Philippine home builder..?






Building a House in the Philippines?

Lately we hear more and more stories from our website-readers about the problems which they encounter because of the fact that they get the 'services' of a Philippine 'contractor' or an 'architect' which happen to be a friend or relative without an office, without a contract...And they are offered very low prices...

The result is:
- 'contractors' disappear when the house is half finished
- houses that look nice when built start to crack/leak soon because the low price you pay forces the 'contractor' to use cheap materials
- 'architects' make a ridiculous design with a foundation of half a meter thick (yes believe it, we have seen this ourselves!)

A 'good' contractor will keep up 'a certain level of quality' and refuse to help you if you ask them to 'build a cheap home' to avoid losing their good name and license.
The reason is simple; when you force a contractor to build a home in the cheapest way possible and with the cheapest materials then you definitely will experience problems within 1 year after building. And then the contractor is to blaim while the home-owner got exactly what he paid for...

Most problems occur because people select the cheapest services without thinking long-term.
It is possible to have Quality, Service and Durability but it will cost a little more...



Here is as example an actual inquiry we received:
BRYAN ([email protected]) on Thursday, September 17, 2009 at 11:19:49
address: ... TONDO MLA
Contact: 0915...

This is a 5 story building that has settled down 4 inches on one side and has started to slip 6 inches sidewards; we adviced to demolish, there's no solution.
...This is what happens if you think 'anyone can build a house'...

Here is another example:
From: David W <[email protected]>
Subject: RE: David W
Date: Thursday, December 10, 2009, 10:03 AM

...well my mother had her house built on her land. She had so many different local carpenters building her house. Let me just give you a few examples that went wrong.
Took to long to build
the hollow blocks started to crumble
the house was place all the way towards the back of the land so it's such a long walk and not much room towards the back yard.
the design is not right
and to much money was spent on the house which I cant figure why or where the money or material went...

We can show you a very long list of these kind of E-mails.

Philippines Construction Materials





landscaping price two storey three four commercial custom feasibility. Cavite / Batangas / Laguna  Davao / Mindanao developer directory bill of materials BOM land surveyor suveyors Philippines Philippines Investment Opportunity precast pre cast Filipino outsourcing asphalt Phillipines Philipines    Philippines Exterior Wall Insulation Panels; 'Cladding' construction companies philippines house construction cost in the philippines building material cost

Philippines swimming pool construction Cebu

Philippine Swimming Pool Construction and Landscaping

    We construct pools using a special method with the assurance that leaks in any part of the pool are eliminated.

 (15 years accountability on structural mistakes). We built an Olympic size pool this way also.


A Philippines loan company loan is a type of debt can be lent; this article, however on monetary loans. Like all debt, a home loan Philippines loan entails the redistribution of financial assets over time, Philippines housing. This service is Philippines mortgage home loan see Mortgage Philippines loan.

Philippine ECO Houses; Going Green?

Commonly build now, skimmer Philippines pool builders is the infinity. Philippines pool designs Cost of each design varies from one another. Philippines ladies Cebu travel Philippine girl Cebu guide single wife girls Cebu lady looking singles companion.

Philippines rooftop gardens Philippine roof terrace Philippines roof garden green roofing roof insulation Philippines

Philippines aircon  
Philippines Air Conditioner: YES or NO ?

Electricity rates in the Philippines are at least 100% higher than in the USA

ECO House - Green Building in the Philippines

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Cebu home builders construction house

"...Thank you. Your site has been most informative..."
Rene Besido, Cebu

"...Very nice website, wish I had seen it before i started building..."
Nick Foster, Angeles city

Manila contractor

Almost any pool shape Philippine pool company can be designed to fit your property  Philippine pool construction and your specifications. There are at least three types of Philippine pool cost swimming pools

Philippines construction and Cebu home builders are building a house in Manila contractors with most architects in the Philippines from Makati, Laguna, Cavite and Quezon City.



Cebu builder Manila house

Why do so many 'foreigners' let us build their house?
Why did an American Developer select us to build his homes?
Why did an American architect let us construct a mansion?
Just contact us for a 'Second Opinion'...

Philippine architects and contractors build in:

Manila, Cebu, Davao, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Tagaytay, Isabela, Tuguegarao, Laoag, Ilocos, Baguio, La Union, Pangasinan, Pampanga, Angeles, Zambales, Subic, Olongapo, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Bulacan, Malolos, Rizal, Antipolo, Metro Manila, Makati, Imus, Quezon, BICOL, Samar, Albay, Legaspi, Iloilo, Boracay, Negros, Dumaguete, Bacolod, Camotes Island, Leyte, Tacloban, Ormoc, Maasin, Bohol, Tagbilaran, Panglao, Iligan City, Cagayan de Oro, General Santos, Cotabato, Zamboanga, Davao, Samal, Tagum, Butuan, Palawan, Agusan, Surigao, Bukidnon, Antique, Malaybalay etc.



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