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Procedure for Building a Philippine Home

 Philippines architects1:
Most important is COMMUNICATION. It's YOUR house so please tell your architect or contractor all about your plans/wishes; location to build, when, how many storey, rooms, floor area, budget-range between minimum and maximum (do you need financing/loan?) etc. so they can give you the best advice.

 Philippines house designs2: Just select from their data-base of house-designs and interior examples and they will make for you a UNIQUE design that will fit your LOT, WISHES and BUDGET.

 Philippines construction3: Inspection of your lot
a. verify location and orientation of your house- and window positioning/alignment with the sun, shadow plus wind (this effects design)
b. verify soil and neighbor-buildings (this effects design)
c. verify local government or subdivision's regulations/restrictions
d. verify logistics/accessibility
e. verify availability of building-materials and manpower
f. verify source of electricity/water
g. make pictures
h. make a short report of the findings

 Philippines house4: Select a method to construct; hollow blocks, solid concrete walls, light-weight concrete blocks (keep the heat and noise outside), 'green-building' (ECO-) etc.

 Philippines home5: With your help and directions they make a rough sketch of the house (colored schematic design) and floor plans to fit your LOT, WISHES and BUDGET.
This is subject to relevant revisions; you change it until perfect. They also bring you to the hardware stores to show what finishing materials will be used.
Then they calculate the construction-cost and give a timeline.

 Philippines home builders6: If approved by you; it is time to make the blueprints which contains all TECHNICAL details.
Then apply for a building-permit and start building.






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