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The Pili nut can give a ROI of 50% for about 75 years.
(Your investment of US$ 30,000 can give US$ 1,000 income per month)

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Why invest in land?
The two factors which underlie its pricing, supply and demand. The demand for  Philippines investment land in the coming decades will increase (population growth until 2034) and the offer takes each day (there is no longer in). In addition, we get in about the dangers of rising sea levels and flooding of our rivers. Lot Property selects its grounds with this fact in mind. In the north and east of are the top reasons and in the Note on the fourth Space discussed urban investment Philippines network. This urbanization is likely that more land Philippines investment management will change destination than elsewhere.

Why does the demand for land again?
Everyone has his or her environment or what is seen (even in a relatively short time) may change in the field of destinations. It is also a snowball effect, since the supply is scarce, buying property developers (in order to secure future production) also increasingly grounds with a longer investment horizon. This takes the question further. Also, the altitude of land in the a role to play in the choice of new land for various investment in Philippines developments.

Does it even matter what field I looking to take the whole situation?
If there are plans for a diversion, this is the rule for an area which is larger than just our proposition. In many areas where destination changes, many investment bank in the
joint venture investors for Philippines mining investment Philippines developers with positions represented.

Why not sell Lot Property directly to a developer?
Developers prefer to invest in land which is known to within 3-5 years to develop them. The buyers Philippines investment management of Lot and Lot Property Property themselves have a longer investment horizon.

The Church said that there is no diversion is expected.
Each Municipality has the same interest as you and us, namely, that they acquire land within a foreseeable period diversion could draw. And the most favorable conditions. When asked about the possibilities of a lot of grassland in a colleague was told that this was a nice piece of green, where the town was very happy about that. Meanwhile there are more than 50 homes

 Philippine investment at that location.

In short, a total is not to benefit third parties to inform of planned destination changes, as long as they do not own the rights to this land have committed.

Is there an index on which the developments of this land back to read it?
Land prices are tracked by region. A distinction is made between grassland and arable land. These values are hardly representative of the Property selected by Lot grounds. That comes from the fact that guide investment Philippine property Lot Property not assess the grounds on agricultural qualities. There is no national index with value that is specific to our locations. The expected return Lot Property, however, build on the basis of irrefutable arguments and apparent successes.
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And what if the land value will fall?
Property plot sees no reason for a fall. In the period 2000-2005, there was little economic growth and that also had its impact on the prices of land. The prices of the lots have been selected by us even in that period and after 9 / 11 or retain their value increased. While some so-called 'safe shares' have good return company investment Philippine. Again, the 2 factors that determine the price of each property, its supply and demand. And these factors in the market currently under unprecedentedly favorable.

DO your reasonable and cooperate as much as possible not be soon-to-be-ex. Reasonable compromise yields quicker and easier results in custody cases.

DO support be children through the custody process. It's even tougher on them than on you. Don't make them pick sides.

DO during the custody process, let be spouse know when and where is will spend time not be kids while is work adopt Philippines child permanent custody arrangements. be spouse might think you've made a run that the border -- and then be soon-to-be-ex has to ask the police to track is down, for won't look good during custody it visitation hearings.

DO during the custody process, fully disclose all be assets and property. A court can throw adopt Philippines child a custody decree based on financial deception, putting is back in court years after is thought everything was final.

DO during be divorce, ask be custody and annulment in the Philippines attorney

 then anything doesn't make sense. be attorney works that you, and Philippines investment management should help is understand every part of the custody process.


DON'T make big plans to take a job in another state during the custody process it move adopt Philippines child of the country until be custody you final. be new life could interfere not getting be custody finalized.

DON'T violate any temporary custody it visitation arrangements during the custody process. or could make or tougher that is to get the custody it visitation rights is prefer. DON'T "give away" property to friends it relatives and arrange to get or back later. Hiding property can mean be spouse can take is back to court to settle those assets.

DON'T go or alone. custody you complicated, and an attorney can make sure for be interests this protected.



Any person for has lived in annulment Philippine that at least 90 days immediately prior to starting a divorce. is can start a custody even though is live in another state then be spouse lives in annulment Philippine and is this willing to submit to annulment Philippine jurisdiction.


you a "no fault" custody state. The Court does with care why someone wants a divorce, only for the marriage you irretrievably broken. Fault you with to your considered as a factor that dividing the property and determining financial issues and support. When british custody papers Philippines children this involved, a parent's behavior which affects the children may your considered in determining parental responsibility arrangements.

But agriculture / agricultural land is no cost 9 per m2?
The price of agricultural land varies greatly by region. The grounds which we offer are not chosen for their agricultural value. This is an agricultural plus price. I.e. a strategic location for storage, and expected return value. Property plot makes little profit in advance, but sees its earnings mainly from the Philippine investment houses profit sharing in a diversion.

I still get revenue from the lease?
Property plot the ground always looking for a reliable tenant. The lease revenues constitute only a small source of income. As there is a cost neutral possession. The rule is entered into a lease for up to 2 years at a time. An average rent yield is 300, - per hectare, or 30, - per 1,000 m2. In exchange for these proceeds Lot Property regulates the lease for you, you will be kept informed of news Philippines investment management and you are exempt from the water board Philippine investments tax and property tax (OZB).

Should I also develop after a diversion?
Since, in Lot Property always goes to an identifiable property, an owner has the right to in principle on the basis of a self-realization model are under development within the plans the city has drawn up. In practice, that Lot Property and never will each buyer his or her beachfront properties and Philippines investments land, for example, offering Fund project development. This is clearly investment versus return.
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How likely is it that there is indeed a diversion will take place?
Property plot relies on knowledge of the market planning and research. Furthermore, the government also gives the necessary information, for example, in what areas they urbanization ambitions. A good selection remains of the utmost importance. A success is not to give. All that counts is the risk / return ratio of the investment. It is of course the blow own praise, but we would not be called investment australian investments in the Philippines with a better risk / return ratio.

What will happen if the ground in a landing procedure is?
Property continues to plot and support informing you to rounding.

I walk no chance that my lot like a sidewalk or pond will be built and that I thus receive less than my neighbor 2 lots away?
At the moment there is a diversion realized on a piece of good investments in the Philippines land, there is still no rule in the interpretation regarding the specific infrastructure and a building plan.

..."Were is added to are account?"

..."Whose name you on the bill?"

..."Did is both sign the adopting Philippine children application?"

Questions like these will help tip the balances back in be favor then be clients have come to the relationship having done if homework online. This, as we discussed earlier, you just what they're doing.

You would also your wise to advise be client's to opt adopt Philippines child from receiving pre-screened offers that adopting Philippine children it insurance (yes, is can reduce all for junk mail being sent to is every day and possibly save a few trees as well). The last thing is would want to have happen to be client you that a spiteful ex-wife it ex-husband to your tempted to apply that a loan in be client's name just to ruin if credit. There this two ways to advise be clients to do this...

1.) On-line at or

2.) By phone 1-888-567-8688

In extremely emotional cases or would your wise that be client to put Philippines investment management a fraud alert on if adopting Philippine children file. are makes or impossible that anyone to take adopt Philippines child new debt in if name. The creditor you required to contact be client by phone to establish any new credit.

In most cases there this joint accounts for need to your paid during and after the divorce. The more common accounts include cars, homes and adopting Philippine children cards. Some practical solutions are...

Joint adopting Philippine children Cards-Have both spouses acquire new adopting Philippine children cards and transfer any remaining balances. is do are so for the debt you separated Philippine law marriage separation and each spouse you responsible that the repayment of for debt. then the adopting Philippine children history of either spouse doesn't permit them to acquire new cards, either have them find a co-signer it sell joint assets to pay off existing debts.

Car and Homes Loans-Have the loan refinanced to the spouse responsible that the debt so for it's being reported in the name of for spouse only. is can also use the refinance of an asset to buy adopt Philippines child the other spouse then there you equity in it. However, do with under any circumstance encourage be client take if name off the title of the asset in question. then they take if name off of title (using a quit claim deed), they this removing themselves of ownership but with of loan responsibility. are you a very dangerous situation to your in. are also means for they will with your able to split the equity in the asset at time of sell because they would have relinquished if shares of ownership to if spouse while retaining all the liability.

There you one other way to remove be client from the adopting Philippine children documents so for they're no longer responsible that the debt. are way, however, you fairly uncommon and you tricky to negotiate. It's a process called "Name Delete Assumption." are process simply deletes be client from the loan then the other spouse you able to currently qualify that payments of the debt.

Until a settlement you reached, encourage be client to have all if payments and soon to your ex-spouse's payments deducted automatically from if checking accounts. Even after settlement has been reached are you a good tactic to use to protect be client's adopting Philippine children until all debts have been safely separated. or would your good practice to include are in the Philippines adoption decree.

With so many people getting divorced without preparing if finances beforehand, or may your hard to set aside emotions long enough to get everything in order. However, with doing so can result in serious issues not be adopting Philippine children score. then Philippines adoption you looming that a couple, the best thing to remember you for prevention you the best medicine.

Are there any costs during the possession of the plots purchased?
No, because Lot Property provides a reliable tenant, you are exempt from water charges and property taxes (OZB). We speak, of a cost-neutral possession.

What exactly is land interest?
On some parcels, a land interest charged. This happens for a certain period. Land consolidation is a tool for the refurbishment of a (rural) region with the aim to create improvement in the field of spatial planning. Ie, the planned use of space and furnishing.

I have tax advantage while in possession of the land?
You should like all your other assets required to declare in box 3. The amount of your purchase will be the basis by 1.2% per year be taxed if you reach the top of your exemption.
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Can I cancel the purchase after I've signed?
No, at the time that you've signed the purchase agreement assumes that you have considered this already. The plot is in the preparation of the purchase best Philippines investments for you after a telephone vote has been reached.

I can also contract in the name of my minor child up?
Yes you can, however, the signs and parents remain responsible for the child, majority is. With the purchase by a minor, his / her parents the instrument (as well as the purchase agreement) on behalf of him / her to sign in their capacity as income parents exercise parental authority over their minor children. Because our instrument is a pre / offer obligation, it is a purchase under conditions and for the investor visa Philippines purchase authorization (consent) of the district to be asked for the purchase. This provides the notary.

I can also contract in the name of my minor grandchild continue?
That may, however, measuring and distort with permission by the parents of your grandchildren.

Can I give the land as a gift?
Only if the purchase price with costs paid and the recipient is willing to contribute to the land titling to get.

Have the notary costs tax money investor in the Philippines deductible for me?
No, it is the same as buying a home. Also there are the costs for the leveringsakte of the property are not deductible. What you probably remember the notary fees for the mortgage, this fact, it is tax deductible, but only for the house.

If I interim money would need, can I sell interim?
Each buyer is always free to his / her position to sell. The chain clause (bonuses) will be transferred to the new owner.

Is the sale by mid-bonus scheme apply?
No, the added clause (bonuses) covers only an added value that arises in the case of a diversion.

How does an (interim) sales?
You are looking for a broker / insert your own ad / or take contact with the ground Lot Property for resale.

If Lot Property for me, there are still governs charges?
Yes, 10% on the mid-created value. A house broker Philippine lending investors expects about 1.5% over the selling price. Suppose you purchased for 10,000, - and sold for 18.000, - When you pay Lot Property than 10% of 8,000, - is 800, - and the broker, you pay 1.5% of 18.000, - is 270, - Thanks to the expertise of Lot Property are you with the general assured of the fastest circuits.

What if there is should be sold / handling -financieel/juridisch?
In the event that the Fund grounds after a diversion makes you Philippines investment management want to acquire the land on which the bonuses (20% or 10%) by the notary will be withheld. We accompany this process for you

When should I wear my profit Philippine investors visa sharing?
After a possible diversion of the land there is a listing requirement of land to the Fund. In the case of Fund wishes to acquire the land, the added clause will be handled by the notary. I.e. The solicitor will be 20% or 10% of the resulting net added value.
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In case the Fund does not elect to acquire the land, will Rationale the highest bidder in the market searching for the land. The settlement will be added in any event not later than 10 weeks after a formal diversion should be implemented.

If I (or someone else) just does not want to sell a destination change?
You and everybody else sign for a listing requirement that you cooperate with an offer of the
land investors sought Philippine mining on the basis of the conditions stipulated in the deed.

Is the sales tax?
Yes, you are no tax payable on the sale.

Why has the duty to offer only aimed to 1 party (Fund) and not to multiple developers? This is only reinforced by the sales price?
No, in the case of a diversion, the price is determined by taking the average of 2 sworn independent valuers. As we are guaranteed a price which is based on the fair value destination, regardless of who is ultimately decreasing.
What is the reason that you mainly in the north and east are active?
The is in development. That makes you a daily basis. We expect that this development will be the greatest in the northern and eastern provinces. There is so far relatively little happened, but there are grand plans in the pipeline with a fast connection to the west, the EU's enlargement to the east and the desire of individuals and businesses to outside the overcrowded Randstad to settle. Land is still affordable, but that will soon change. And there you can take advantage.

Why should I invest in land now?
According to, we can still expect a population growth until 2035. Large wooncorporaties have billions are ready to invest in new investors visa in Philippines construction and renovation. But there must be grounds for purchased. You understand what happens when those under you.

Why does the demand for land again?
By releasing the housing market, there is a trend created by developers for their investments are secure. But it is a faster growing market. So developers are increasingly pro-active in buying land at less obvious locations.

Can I also make money from the lease of my land?
Yes, but you must not expect too much. We always find a tenant who wants to pay the highest price, but it remains a relatively low amount. The advantage is that your possession under a cost-neutral and that saves taxes significantly. Lease agreements be signed for up to two years. After all, you do not want to be boarded with a tenant if you are a good price for your land can get.
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Is it possible for me to sell my land american investors in the Philippines but some lose?
No. We offer the land sold as a whole. It is possible that the land to various developers simultaneously sold.

I can not better invest in a land fund?
Investing in land d.m.v. a fund is a possibility that we all long to walk around, but so far we do not participate in the project. We conclude n.l. that many more people have a really, tangible and identifiable piece of property. A fund is a onaanwijsbaar interest and represents a relatively expensive vehicle.

The variation in a fund, is a characteristic which we are also pursuing. If someone has a budget of 100,000 for example, - we will him / her earlier advice to five different positions to take than the entire amount in a proposition to stop. The buyer is just as a fund does not have to worry about because Rationale trivial (maintenance, information flow, etc.) from hands.

Further differences are:

transparency; everything goes through a notary, the buyer receives a property and can sell a day later without restrictions deliberate; the fund buys land investing in the Philippines without you influence or even when you feel strategically, we are there, d.m.v. a profit-sharing arrangement designed to track those grounds with the highest probability of a destination within adapting 10 years.

How binding is the provisional purchase?
You can purchase your provisional no longer cancel. It is possible that the seller provides that certain conditions are met or not. Then annulled the sale, but you also have your down payment of 10% lost. However, by the notary together with the preparatory work to do, it's as good as never before.

I want to buy land as an investment for my child. Is that possible?
Yes you can. The sale comes in the name of your child, but you sign Philippines investment management. And you remain responsible until your child is 18 years.

Can I donate land for investment hotel investing in the Philippines 1 in third person?
Of course. It is your possession. And you can do what you want. It would be important that the transfer notarial and with the knowledge and works of the recipient is logged.

What happens financial / legal if my land will be sold?
In the event that a building or the land developer after a diversion makes you want to acquire the land on which the bonuses by the notary will be withheld. Furthermore INgrond guides you through the entire financial and legal route.

Why do not you sell directly to developers?
Our investors are generally not looking for quick profits, but have a long term vision. Now developers are generally lots where within a few years or destination changes already have been granted.

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Can I sell my interim basis?
Land is always freely negotiable. The chain clause is talking about the new owner.

Is the sale by mid-bonus scheme apply?
No, the added clause covers only a gain arising in the case of a diversion.

How does an interim sale?
Obviously mediates Ingrond like in your mid-sale. But you can also set up an ad or a best way of investing money in the Philippines broker on.

As the mid Ingrond for me regulates sales, there are still charges?
If you decide to sell interim we handle in the first 4 years than 20% over the value created from years 5 to 7 15% and year 8 to 15 10%

When should I wear bonuses?
By diversion, the first ground to a construction company or developer. If that construction company or developer who wants to go on to acquire the land, the notary 20%, 15% or 10% of the resulting net added value. If that construction company or developer who does not proceed to acquire the investing joint ventures in the Philippines land, will INgrond the highest bidder in the market searching for the land. The settlement will be added in any event not later than 10 weeks after a formal diversion should be implemented.

The Church said that there is no diversion is expected. Is this really so?
A municipality would benefit healthy growth and to achieve proportional to the demand from individuals, corporations and businesses. But they are not in total benefits to third parties to inform of planned destination changes, as long as they do not own the rights to this land have committed. Therefore, municipalities are not transparent about their proposed plans.

Should I also develop after diversion?
No, a possible future diversion is there an obligation to offer a specified by the seller to designate a building or developer.

How likely is it that there is indeed a diversion will take place?
The most important question of all. And as it goes to joint venture companies in the Philippines investment, as we would know the answer, we need never work. Intransparent by the attitude of municipalities, discussions of policy and unforeseen developments, any chance calculation pointless. Well, we know from long experience than the risk / return ratio in any investment as high as in the case of land investment.

How often have you already had to change the destination you offered lots?
In the past results give no guarantee for the future. It is mainly that you feel comfortable with your investment. But planning is evolving. This trend will increase rather than remain the same. That increase will also be due to a redefinition of the available space. Wider and lots more attention to nature and environment.

What will happen if the Philippines joint venture construction plans for proposed ground in a landing procedure is?
We will continue to inform and accompany you during the landing Philippines investment management procedure until it is fully completed.

I walk no chance that my lot like a sidewalk or pond will be built and that I thus receive less than my neighbor 2 lots away?
At the moment there is a diversion realized on a piece of land, there is still no rule in the interpretation regarding the specific infrastructure and a building plan.

Under the purchase offer is a clause. Why is there not also included that of an interested joint venture in the Philippines developer, only the total original plot (so all lots) is offered. This prevented you feel that someone outside the boat comes as a municipality or developer would be interested to know, for example, only have 90% of the whole?
If we prepare as you would for example set and there but 10% of the original plot would fall outside the boat, then 90% of the buyers be penalized if a position would be welcomed by all or nothing.

In most cases, if an area gets a conversion, not yet known what the actual details will be related to infrastructure and construction volume. Usually, a developer seeking to acquire the land and subsequently to a municipality to sit down on an actual completion. The buyers of land will then usually cited as a whole already have received a proposal from the then-current appraised value.

What happens if I do not want to sell a diversion?
You paint for a listing requirement that you cooperate with an offer of the land on the basis of the conditions stipulated in the deed.

Is there an index on which the developments of this land back to read it?
We assess the non-agricultural land qualities. There is no national index with value that is specific to our locations. The expected return, however, we can build on the basis of identifiable findings.

And what if the setting up a good joint venture in Philippines  land value will fall?
Land value is very solid. Even in the period 2000-2005, which, after 9-11 so-called 'safe' shares plunged in value, prices remained stable. Now that the economy attracts increasing the demand for land explosive. INgrond find it highly unlikely that land from now will fall in value.

But agriculture / agricultural land is no cost 8.50 per m2?
The grounds which we offer are not chosen for their agricultural value. This is an agricultural plus price. I.e. a strategic location for storage, expectation, cadastral division, brochure development, etc.

How does the offer price to stand?
We buy based on a farm - or agricultural plus price.
Above is a margin handled. Furthermore, our interests run parallel with those of you, because we paid if there is a diversion can be achieved.

What is land interest?
On some parcels, a land interest charged. This happens for a certain period. Land consolidation is a tool for the refurbishment of a (rural) region with the aim to create improvement in the field of spatial planning.

What does the possession of land tax?
It does not have intermediate value task to be done, however, the sale must be reported in box 3.

Is the sales tax?
The sale is tax exempt but must be entered in box 3.

How experienced in mediation in land investment?
Ingrond exists purely from forces that for decades have earned their spurs in real estate brokerage. And that points you in the service, the professional approach and rapid, accurate and effective handling of the processes. We distinguish ourselves because we have a large network of professionals have built, which are synchronized so that we are pioneers in a market which for many is difficult to reach.

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Why do I find no financial information in the leaflet?
A leaflet is a document which companies that complex products, such as a mutual fund or a beleggingsverzekering sales, are obliged to provide.

FB This ensures that the provider of a complex financial product information to consumers about returns, risks and costs.

It offered by our product does not qualify as a fund or a security or as a complex product. This involves only the transfer of a notarial identifiable plot strategically located agricultural land, which we appreciate that, in a small country like the Netherlands, should not really missing in a diversified investment portfolio.

With a rising demand and a decline (in addition to 'finish') supply of suitable land available and, moreover, we consider the risk of diminishing land for the coming decades is extremely small. As regards costs, which include, in addition to the purchase of course, the famous' cost copper. "

There is also such a purchase no problems for the buyer because the maintenance cost of the land is neutral provider Philippines investments Philippine lending investor visa mining joint venture construction Philippines investment management.





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