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uPVC doors and windows Philippines

Philippines doors pictures

locked-in galvanized steel profiles
almost maintenance free
custom made

Philippines windows pictures


Ro-Plast Doors and Windows Corporation (under German management and supervision), provides - and installs - first class, high quality 'uPVC doors and windows' in any Philippine region; for residential homes as well as high-rise buildings.


For more than 40 years, uPVC has proven its strength and durability in various countries all over the world. uPVC doors and windows are ideal for any residential home and high-rise buildings. It is also weather-proof, withstanding extreme weather conditions and temperatures. And what more; they are almost maintenance free...

Philippines doors windows

Ro-Plast Philippines Doors and Windows products are made of imported first class multi-chamber uPVC profiles with imported locked-in galvanized steel profiles to ensure stability and durability even for large windows and doors. These special features guarantee that the products will function free of care for years and years to come. Profiles are suited for double glazing or single glass. Profile warranty is for 10 years and 2 years for the metal parts. And because it's custom-made, these products will blend harmoniously with any architectural design. Our prices are cost-efficient, so you get high quality uPVC doors and windows and still save more.


Sliding Systems

Ro-Plast Profile Sliding Systems are lightweight, with a very slim look, specifically designed to smoothly slide thru the tracks. Sliding windows are generally 3m wide and 1.5m high while sliding doors are 2.4m wide and 3m high. They can accommodate glass thickness from 5mm up to 39mm.

Folding Sliding Doors

Ro-Plast Folding sliding doors designed to fold sideways to provide maximum opening of up to 5m making rooms look wider and provide easier facilitation of interior decorations.


Ro-Plast Profile systems are equipped with a multi point locking system, providing high security against burglary.


Ro-Plast Profile Systems can be assembled to desired shapes, tilts, awnings, turns or bay windows. Various configurations for design and function can be made to blend harmoniously with any architectural design.

A team of experts will visit your site and take on measurements, to ensure accurate fit without fall in an attractive design. Excellent care in the installation will be assured.


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