Philippines Building House Plans

The shophouse was the predominant Philippines building house plans type of Chinese cities in south-east Asia for several centuries. Two or three storeys high, the houses have very long thin plans, with a shop at the front opening onto the five foot way, the arcaded footpath that protects pedestrians from sun and tropical storms. Courtyards penetrate the length of the plan, bringing sunlight and air to the middle of the dwelling areas behind the shop.

A very decayed version of a shophouse on one of the finest old streets in Malacca was bought by a client. The client wanted a self-sustaining meditation house on a modest scale, necessitated by his limited budget. (The architects Philippines building house plans already had experience in long thin shophouse-like buildings, but to a much higher budget. As the building was a virtual ruin, with roof and floors collapsed, the architects decided to remove them, and to prevent the party walls from collapsing inwards by using rectangular steel frames formed of U sections welded together longways as hollow sections.

Crisp new boxes made of masonry, steel and timber are inserted into the long plan. The architect Philippines building house plans says that the spatial strategy is an 'inversion' of the original one, where airwells were carved into the mass of the building. In the reworking of the building, the new volumes provide shade and shelter in the otherwise roofless space.

 Entrance from the street is through a bamboo planted court in the old shop from where you progress under the meditation box to the pool Philippines building house plans court and the dining area. The sleeping box hovers overhead. At the back of the site, is a small court with a vegetable garden and orchard, septic tanks and solar panels. Throughout, the architect has emphasized contrasts between old and new, ensuring that the new is clearly new, while old is patently inherited.

 The two are almost always separated, to the extent that electrical runs are carried in the steel structure Philippines building house plans to avoid cutting them into the party walls. On these, the patina of age is preserved as carefully as possible. There are traces of Chinese culture overlaid by Dutch, British and Malay elements: colours, cracked tiles, plaster panels, added during the long lifetime of the shophouse. Even marks caused by vegetation are preserved in a contemporary echo of the traditional Chinese horticultural reverence for the picturesque qualities of decay. Against this backdrop, the new volumes are in complete contrast: sharp, precisely detailed and untouched by time.


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(For Manila and surrounding)
American Design Construction
#92 Ordoņez St. corner Maroon St.
Concepcion Dos, Marikina City
(For Cebu, Bohol, Negros, Leyte)
ET & p Design & Construction
#888 Katugasan, Casili
Consolacion, Cebu
(For Baguio and surrounding)
RA Gacoscos Construction
#99 Greenwater Village
Baguio City, Philippines
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(For Davao / Mindanao)
Raul G. Anuada (Realtor & Civil Engineer)
Unit 162, 16/F Landco PDCP Corporate Center
J.P. Laureal Ave., Bajada
Davao City



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