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I recently read an article in the November/ December issue of MASONRY CONSTRUCTION entitled "Cavity Philippines wall construction". Much of the article deals with the concerns of moisture migration in a cavity wall. I was pleased that he mentioned that proper flashing materials should be used, and the concerns that develop when PVC and rubberized asphalt flashings malfunction over time. I agree that proper flashing design in masonry construction is often overlooked. True quality flashing products amount to a small part of the total construction cost, but the lack of same can be extremely Philippines wall construction costly when moisture problems develop.

Mr. goes on to promote the use of a wicking copper flashing, and states that this product out-performs the existing laminated copper flashings presently on the market. He states that this new product eliminates the need for mortar deflection products presently being used to suspend Philippines wall construction mortar away from the weep vents. He claims that this thin fabric will drain moisture from the cavity. The fact is that Mr. Koch is the inventor of this product and holds a patent pending status at this time. Given his involvement, I would not consider his opinion to be unbiased.

Mortar deflection products, such as Mortar Philippines wall construction Break manufactured by my company, along with versions produced by others, have enjoyed an outstanding performance record over the years. Asphalt laminated copper flashings have been installed in thousands of masonry structures over the past 80 years with great results. It has been my experience of over 35 years that wicking materials eventually clog once saturated with the salts, acid, and lime present in fresh mortar mix. Add to that the weight of tons of masonry on a thin wicking fabric, and I, along with others in this industry, question its continuous wicking performance.

Through-wall flashing is not easily replaced. The Brick Institute of America recommends that the flashing should perform for the life of the wall. We consider the life of masonry to approach 100 years, which is a lot of wicking.

I recommend that the author offer a guarantee Philippines wall construction that his invention will perform for the life of the wall before be advocates replacing tried and true products. I have joined others that doubt it.



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