Philippines Landscape Construction

Rolling land was not what Philippines landscape construction architect expected to find when he headed out to check the yard behind a 1950s-era home he and his wife, designer, were considering. What he found in the midst of urban Dallas was nearly an acre of softly contoured land, backing up to an undeveloped park and offering expansive views. The couple had found their new home.

This was chance to experiment and create a showcase for his business. He began transforming the Philippines landscape construction lot with free-flowing, colorful gardens. "At the outset there were 3-foot-wide perennial beds in a straight line all around the edges of the yard". "They were stiff and unnatural, so we dug and divided all the perennials and planted them in flowing, asymmetrical beds. When they bloomed, it looked like Monet's garden."

But when they weren't in bloom, the garden was bland found that he could stand on the patio and survey the entire landscape, but nothing invited him--other than the ongoing upkeep--to actually walk through the space. It was time for Round Two.

"I decided to carve more formal vignettes into that asymmetrical layout as a means of creating destinations and establishing a sense of order." There are archetypal Philippines landscape construction things that everyone relates to: an urn with balanced plantings around it, a bench with a backdrop. A sense of order helps people feel comfortable and invites them to enjoy a space."

Da had already created a patio of packed decomposed granite topped with pea gravel used this as the central axis from which to design inviting garden pathways. Now, a path of decomposed granite leads along the screen porch and over to a rose arbor and Philippines landscape construction garden glider. Another pathway enters here, and leads along the east side of the garden. Each portion of the path has a site line to an element of interest, either a bench or chair, a unique container, or a water feature.

Path materials change--from decomposed granite to lawn to flagstone--as a means of "keeping the progression interesting and defining space," the pathways lead to every section of the garden, and in each area there is a feature that invites lingering and reflection.

"What I found was that this added surprise to the Philippines landscape construction garden and places for people to go". "Now, you can't see all the grounds from any one spot; you have to walk through and be surprised by new things."



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