Philippines Landscape Contractors

When entered the pool and spa industry 27 years ago, he had modest ambitions. He certainly didn't envision himself at the helm of a large company specializing in high-end concrete pools, with its own Philippines landscape contractors division.

"I sometimes think that if you knew in advance what was going to happen, you wouldn't do it," he says with a laugh. "But you learn along the way."

He and his wife, own Pool & Gardens, a pool Philippines landscape contractors construction and service firm in Pearl River, N.Y.

The Insignareses started out in the industry by buying a Pools' service dealership in 1978 had been working in the extermination field when a friend made the business available to him.

For the first two years, clove right in, so to speak. But the business soon evolved and the eventually experienced an extreme makeover.

Over time, went from a franchise system to "authorized dealerships." This meant that company would be the one overseeing repairs and maintenance for all the Sylvan pools Philippines landscape contractors built in their area.

"Every time Sylvan put a pool in my territory, they would become my customers, but at the same time, all we were doing was warranty work--and that's not a lot of money," says.

The agreement stipulated that his company would not build pools, while promised not to perform service in his territory, according however, as pool sales began to flatten, started doing more service work, as well as selling chemicals and covers.

"But we still weren't allowed to build pools,". Thus, the partnership soon dissolved and the took their business in a new direction.

During their tenure with Pool performed renovation Philippines landscape contractors work such as replastering jobs and tile and coping repair didn't realize at the time that all this work actually translated into pool-building school.

Now armed with renovation experience, the couple realized they could capitalize on it. They could do more upscale makeovers, such as adding spas to existing pools.

"We were pretty close to building pools for a long, long time,".

Little did they know what an impact the final crossover into Philippines landscape contractors construction would have on their lives.


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