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Computers have invaded virtually every aspect of the business world, including masonry contracting. Hardware has shrunk from room-sized to pocket-sized, while Philippines contractors directory capabilities have skyrocketed. Computing speed and the capability to process and store data have grown rapidly. RAM and hard disk storage that was unimaginable just a few years ago are now attainable and affordable.

Are computers holding your company back or helping it grow Philippines contractors directory in today's ever-changing business climate?

A custom-made information system is fine for a company with a computer expert on staff. However, many good tools are readily available off-the-shelf for those contractors who don't want to build an information system from scratch.

Software programs--the specific instructions that tell the computer hardware what to do--also have evolved. Many program features are becoming more standardized as Philippines contractors directory mainstream computing gravitates toward the Windows operating system.

Unlike the all-text days of DOS when learning each new program was a major undertaking, today's applications often look and feel very much the same. Performing similar functions in different programs is often nearly identical. For example, copying and pasting text, printing, changing text formats, and controlling the document's look are very similar operations in many programs.

Some special purpose programs, such as from San Diego-based Systems, build on what is already known about a mainstream program, such as Excel. This program links the input from a roll-up vinyl digitizer and pen directly to the Excel spreadsheet.

Using the pen to trace shapes allows the estimator to quickly Philippines contractors directory determine areas and quantities of even odd shapes. The digitizer feeds the data into the existing spreadsheet so the need to learn and adapt to a new estimating package are eliminated. The result is faster, more accurate blueprint reading.

As part of the integration, the program adds several new tasks into the Excel toolbar, including buttons to select whether you are counting or measuring a line, area, Philippines contractors directory or segment. Selecting the "eyeball" tool shows an outline of the area represented by the spreadsheet cell. Because this information is stored in the cell, the outlines can be recalled at any time and printed out as needed.


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(For Manila and surrounding)
American Design Construction
#92 Ordoņez St. corner Maroon St.
Concepcion Dos, Marikina City
(For Cebu, Bohol, Negros, Leyte)
ET & p Design & Construction
#888 Katugasan, Casili
Consolacion, Cebu
(For Baguio and surrounding)
RA Gacoscos Construction
#99 Greenwater Village
Baguio City, Philippines
See website
(For Davao / Mindanao)
Raul G. Anuada (Realtor & Civil Engineer)
Unit 162, 16/F Landco PDCP Corporate Center
J.P. Laureal Ave., Bajada
Davao City



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