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Save up to 40% on energy


Paint that provides Insulation

( and protects against mold, corrosion, condensation, UV )


-----     Imported from U.S.A.     -----





- Clear coat (translucent) or white
- Forms a barrier to conduction PLUS reflects the heat
- Save energy and money
- Help to fight global warming
- Easy to apply; brush, roller or spray. Can be painted over
- Easy to clean with soap and water
- Water-based, non-toxic 'Green Product' imported from U.S.A.
- For concrete, wood, metals, PVC etc.
- For homes and commercial/industrial use





Philippines insulation paint





Industrial use:

- Corrosion (rust) due to condensation or mold being trapped under conventional insulation is a common (costly-) problem for industries. Our paint offers insulation PLUS corrosion prevention at the same time; no mold or moisture under it.
- Reduce temperature of hot surfaces (ovens, pipes) to increase energy-efficiency and to protect workers from burns; safety.
- Restaurants prevent condensation forming on overhead ducts dripping down onto customers.
- Temperature stability in reactive processes.
- Some wellknown race-teams use the paint to keep their cars running more efficient.





Philippine insulation green building




Homes & Commercial Buildings:

- Save on electricity bills (aircon)
- interior and exterior use
- For houses, hotels, airports and other commercial buildings






R-value: there is none because this is measured per inch thickness.
Also the 'R-value' does not measure the blocking of 'radiant heat' which our paint does.





"Dear Sir, We wish to confirm that H H Robertson selected your paint, for the coating of the ceiling panels supplied to the air link bridges, at Suvanabhumi International airport, Bangkok.

H H Robertson pride themselves on supplying quality products to the construction industry. This means they work with quality suppliers and after a long and extensive investigation selected your paint over all other coating systems, because it was the only product that met our stringent technical requirements. One of the key issues that induced H H Robertson to select your paint, was that the suppliers were prepared to support the product with a warranty."

Your faithfully,

Chris Moor
General Manager
H H Robertson (Thailand) Co., Ltd


Industrial Case Studies


Textile Industry

ISSUE: Decrease production costs, improve energy efficiency, protect equipment from corrosion and moisture.

SOLUTION: Our paint offers an inexpensive means to increase the lifespan of equipment, protect against corrosion, and decrease the amount of energy used for equipment processes

Why insulate?

Global competition forces manufacturing companies to reduce production costs, where energy and metal prices are increasing rapidly.
Therefore a good way to decrease production cost is to make maximum use of the energy available and to install systems with much longer usable lifetime.
We need to use more technology in both insulation and corrosion protection.
It is possible to insulate with conventional materials only to a degree because;
- you cannot insulate wet areas
- conventional insulation does not prevent corrosion, sometimes increases it

- useful lifetime of conventional insulation is much less
- application of our paint is simple and cheap
- conventional systems do not offer long term protection against moisture

We used the paint in our textile dyeing and finishing plant; especially for thermal insulation of dyeing machines which operate at 130 C. Our aims were
i) with a minimum surface temperature reduction of 70 C,
a) decrease energy cost
b) increase process stability (which would mean increased product quality and decreased re-work) and process reproducibility
ii) increase machine metal parts lifetime by increased protection against corrosion
iii) increase usable lifetime of cold water and steam valves
iv) decrease dyeing process times.

In this respect, we are aiming to achieve a minimum of 20% gain in energy consumption, and overall 10% reduction in unit material production cost.
You cannot buy energy cheaper, but with a good insulation, you can achieve maximum gains.
If you are looking for a solution to insulation as well as corrosion protection, offering long-term usage, this paint is the ideal solution"

Ahmet Turgut
Factory Manager
Erenko Tekstil




ISSUE: Need to insulate, reduce surface temeprature, protect equipment from corrosion and moisture.

SOLUTION: The paint was applied to interchangers and other equipment to insulate, protect against corrosion, and decrase the amount of energy used for equipment processes. Preliminary results showed a 20 degrees Centigrade (36 Fahrenheit) difference after a 3 coat coverage (approx. thickness of 7 mils).


Heat Exchangers

ISSUE: Decrease LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) expense, improve energy efficiency.

SOLUTION: This Dyehouse, located in the Trakya region of Turkey, manufactures products for clientele which includes two of the largest sports apparel manufacturers in the world.
The paint had been applied to all heat exchangers of the customer's dyeing machines. After monitoring closely their consumption of LNG (liquified natural gas) for a period of 5 months, it was shown that they experienced an energy savings of more than 20%. From this data, the company anticipates that their savings is approx. $40,000 per month in energy costs, and based on this data have contracted to have other areas throughout the factory coated with the paint, such as their LNG burners, dye machines, fabric drying and ranges, steam pipes, valves and hot water storage tanks; with an expected further increase in the money they save per month on their factory's energy costs.


Food Processing

ISSUE: Reduce tank surface temperature to safer levels, insulate tank to reduce heat loss.

SOLUTION: The paint was used by a customer on a tank that melts butterfat. The exterior tank temperature was noticeably reduced, creating a safer environment for employees, and the insulation provided by us increased the melting efficiency of the tank, saving money and energy.

"We used the paint paint last year to paint a 5m(3) heated stainless steel tank which is positioned outdoors at a company on Cobden. This tank is used for melting butterfat. We achieved a measurable difference in the contents of this tank. The outside of the tank was previously too hot to touch. With three coats of the paint applied, the touch was now warm to touch and there was a visual improvement to the melting efficiency of the product inside. We are very happy with the performance of the paint and intend on using it to paint future tanks."

David Morabito
Project Engineer
Ultraspin Technology Pty Ltd


Industrial Ovens

ISSUE: LS Industries, a designer and manufacturer of large metal cleaning equipment for the industrial and automotive markets, needed to reduce surface temperature of industrial ovens to a worker safe level and to increase efficiency of oven insulation.

SOLUTION: LS Industries coated the exterior of five of their Heat & Block Blaster ovens which are used for cleaning engines by burning off residue at a temperature of 800F. The external temperature of the ovens after application and cure (7 mil dft) of the paint dropped from 168F to between 100-115F and was safe to touch while in operation. Their customers were very satisfied with the results of the surface temerature reduction and increase in energy efficiency.

LS Industries now plans to offer the paint on all their products requiring insulation, rust and corrosion protection.



ISSUE: Condensation forming on overhead ducts in restaurant dripping down onto customers.

SOLUTION: The paint was used by the restaurant to help control the condensation, aleviate the excess dripping, and insulate the ductwork. The paints' translucent appearance allowed for application without changing the look of the decor.


Textile Dyeing Machines

ISSUE: Minimize oscillation of the reaction temperture for dyeing machine to improve reproducibility (color consistency). Insulate to decrease amount of energy used in equipment process.

SOLUTION: The paint was used to insulate the dyeing machine. Monitoring a process that takes place at 60C for a 60 minute reaction time; the steam-based heat-exchanger of the un-insulated machine needed 24 heat-on cycles, whereas the paint-coated machine's heat-exchanger only needed 2 heat-on cycles. It also improved reproducibility - helping to keep the color of the fabric identical.

With a insulated dyeing machine, we have observed that the colour of fabric was surprisingly identical to one another, whereas in un-insulated machine, there is always a small difference in colour.

Ahmet Turgut
Factory Manager
Erenko Tekstil


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