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No one ever said designing Philippines interior firm a live/work project was easy. Balancing the dual nature of the space gets tricky: Tip it too much in either direction and you disappoint your client in a fundamental way.

Design Studio, an interior architecture Philippines interior firm and design firm, devised an ingenious solution for a live/work loft at the foot of the city's. The client, who lives full-time asked for a space where he could concentrate on paperwork and hold informal meetings. He also wanted the loft to serve as a weekend pied-a-terre for himself and his wife. Rather than compromise either mandate, principal created a working environment the owner can transform into a living zone at a moment's notice. "We planned it so that all the working features can disappear," he explains.

For example, the maple cabinetry lining the length of the living room stores two built-in desks. The desks slide out to provide extra work surfaces; when put away, they blend chameleonlike into the rest of the woodwork. Other innocuous-looking cabinets along the wall are actually hardworking file drawers.

But this still wasn't enough storage for the client. So added eggcrate bookshelves, supported by a structural steel frame, along the upper portion of the wall. Each crate holds a numbered aluminum file box, designed. "The owner had a lot of files". "We had to either make a closed-off storage space, which would take up a lot of room, or else figure out an alternative." To reach the boxes, the owner uses a sliding, steel-and-maple library ladder, also a creation of the architects Philippines interior firm.

In fact, nearly every piece of hardware in this ultra-custom loft original. "The builder Philippines interior firm, Construction, has highly skilled craftsmen who could pull off all the custom metalwork". That metalwork includes the mechanisms behind the project's most dramatic feature, a convertible kitchen. Hidden behind an undulating maple wall, the kitchen is revealed when the 7-by-15-foot wall swings open along a metal floor track. The room's sink, dishwasher, cooktop, and refrigerator mean the clients don't have to subsist on takeout meals. And the owners' ability to close it up quickly facilitates the transformation from residence to office.


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