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 WANTED! Sales Agent Philippines

expect minimum Php 10,000 per month

Whether you are an OFW abroad or living in the Philippines,
we need you to 'spread the news' to non-Filipinos (Expats, 'foreigners') married to a Filipina who want to build a house in the Philippines and who did not yet hear about the latest American construction technology which we offer; building a home without hollow blocks but with Solid Concrete Walls.

Some people just do not know about us because they do not know how to use the Internet; so they do not know that we are building for many 'foreigners' now who just don't like the 'old style hollow blocks'.

The only thing we ask from you is to help them; tell them about us and in return you will receive 1% of the total construction cost when we start building for them.
(The 1% is not negotiable; the cost to build a house in the Philippines is the same for them whether they use hollow blocks or our advanced construction method so our profit-margin is too low to offer you a higher referral-fee.)

How does it work?

1) Send us an email with you name, address, telephone number
2) Send us the name of the people whom you told about us
3) We add the name to your file (any name can be added to one agent only; first come first serve)
4) Whenever we start building for them you receive your 1% fee.

--- WANTED! Real Estate Sales Agent Philippines; you can also tell your friends about the Philippine investment opportunities like "create a solid monthly income for at least 50 years to come... "


Just email us for details…







WANTED! Housing Sales Agent Philippines
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