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Living in the Philippines; retiring





Build the perfect house and save up to 40%

When you buy- or build a house in a 'gated community' (subdivision), you deal with a developer (the middleman between you and the home-builder) which means that only part of your money is spend for the house/lot and much goes to the developer...

We offer you a way to build a house without the developer, meaning that your money goes where is should go; to your project, eliminating the developer’s profits, high margins, overhead, interest expenditure and other non-building related costs.
Most developers first concern is not what your house looks like but making a profit. That's why you probably will never find the perfect quality house for sale in a subdivision at the perfect place at the perfect price; but this doesn't mean you have to mold your lifestyle to what is presented to you...

If you have a couple of friends with the same idea as you (to live- or retire in the Philippines) we can help you to build a (gated-) community of any size; saving up to 40%...
A lot of people like living- or retiring in the Philippines; it is very profitable at this moment to invest in Philippine real estate. For example Koreans are building many communities in Cebu.

Here are some interesting points

  • You (and your friends) can buy a lot direct from any private individual which you select (no speculative market prices, investors); the cheapest way.

  • You form a homeowners-association; you are in control.

  • You can opt to put all money temporarily in escrow, earning high-yielding interest for all participants before the construction starts.
    (Your money goes to a trustee service - a depository and disbursement bank - to give you the assurance that all money goes straight to the project).

  • You can customize the design, floorplan and the finishing of the houses.

  • You can build a house for yourself or build even more houses to rent out or to sell later.

  • You can add amenities (golf course, swimming pool, tennis court etc.).

  • You have direct contact with us (the architect/contractor) and not with a developer, saving a lot of money.

  • You do the management yourself or pay us a modest fee and we do it for you.

As soon as your plans take shape, we can promote it for you on this web-page free, attracting others to join you.

Summarized; you create the perfect customized community, you are in control and your money goes to the project (not to the developer) allowing you to have more space (a bigger lot) and a quality home that is perfect because you design it yourself...

We, as a Philippine Network of Contractors, Architects, Brokers and Lawyers can assist you in the complete process.

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Pilippine construction

... and we construct commercial buildings, resorts, hotels ...



Philippine construction  

Philippine Construction Methodes

Your choice; hollow blocks or the American System?





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