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Philippines Steel Construction

Homes and Commercial Buildings with Steel Framing




Why Build with Steel?

1) Lighter building (a few steel beams can replace a lot of concrete).
2) Easy to attach exterior panel system (insulation).
3) Bigger open living spaces possible (no concrete posts in the middle of your room).
4) Allows for a metal deck with a thin poured concrete flooring.
5) 'GREEN BUILDING'; steel is about 70% recycled.
6) Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material.
7) Steel doesn’t rot, rust, warp, split, crack or creep.
8) Steel doesn’t expand or contract with moisture content.
9) Steel doesn’t burn or add fuel to the spread of a fire.
10) Termites can’t eat steel houses or commercial buildings.
11) Steel prices have always been stable while other materials go up in price.
12) Straight walls, square corners; doors and windows open and close properly.

Steel is an environmentally friendly material; it will always be recycled.

Buildings/homes made of steel in the Philippines also have more space inside because you not need many columns/walls to support the roof.




Save Money by using a mix of Philippine building methods

When we sit down to calculate which will be the cheapest way to build in today’s Philippine economy, the way to go is a mix of:



Philippines concrete

Insulating Concrete Panels ?

' Many new Philippine buildings are now being built with this system '



Philippine architects and contractors

'Hollow Blocks' or 'Solid Concrete Walls' ?



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Philippines steel buildings Philippine steel building steel frame commercial construction framing structure designs steel house

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