Philippines Remodeling Ideas

All good kitchens Philippines remodeling ideas are the same. They have sensible work triangles and appropriate appliance arrangements. They're not too big, nor too small, and they're easy to move around in. Great kitchens are all different--just like the families that use them. Instead of merely conforming to common design standards, great kitchens are adapted to meet the specific needs of families.

Check out the following two Philippines remodeling ideas kitchens. Even though they're designed for families other than your own, we think you'll find ideas in each that can help bring your kitchen and your lifestyle a little closer together.

Last year when garden yielded some 600 tomatoes, the couple did not panic wondering what to do with the bounty. They had recently redesigned Philippines remodeling ideas their kitchen to accommodate such garden bonanzas. In fact, right before the canning began, almost all of the tomatoes fit on the large center island.

They like to hang out in the kitchen and help their parents with the cooking. "A single work triangle wasn't enough". Instead she planned the kitchen with four distinct work centers. There's a clean-up area with the main sink, a prep area with a second sink, a cooking center, and a place for baking.

This kitchen makes it easy for a single cook, but unlike most kitchens, this one gives the kids or guests a place where they can really pitch in. According likes cooking so much he prefers it to watching cartoons.

On a roll. Plastic dishes and cups are kept in low, roll-out Philippines remodeling ideas cabinets so the kids can get to them easily. Other dishes are stored this way, too, since space in wall cabinets is slim.

Location, location. Right across from the range is a cutting board made just for onions and other veggies that go directly from the board to the pot or skillet.

Chop, Chop. Space for quick food preparation is carved out next to the secondary sink. Everything is close at hand, including a chute in the sink for waste (shown covered).

Spice is nice. Cooking wine, oils, and bulk salt and pepper are kept in an upper cabinet that's within easy reach of the range. There's a pull-out spice tower too.

Chilling out. Strategically placed refrigerator Philippines remodeling ideas drawers complete this prep station. The cooks can stay put instead of making multiple runs to the larger refrigerator.


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