Philippines Remodeling Costs

Because more of our readers will remodel their houses than build new ones, we decided to embark on our own Philippines remodeling costs project this year. Our partnered with a local builder, architect, designers, and sponsors to tackle a typical challenge: Take a three-bedroom, one-bath starter from the 1940s and turn it into a house that fits the way our readers live today. We'll be revealing our own challenges and successes through this year and sharing strategies we hope you can use for your own remodel. The adventure begins with developing a design we can all agree on...

INITIAL WALK-THROUGH: We tour the 54-year-old, 1,150-square-foot bungalow purchased in an eclectic San Jose neighborhood. It sits on a 50- by 150-foot lot.

We meet with architects Philippines remodeling costs, interior designers, and landscapers to consider their portfolios and personalities. We finally select a group of team players who seem to be a good fit: professionals who could meet the challenges with a sense of humor.

TEAM TOUR OF PROJECT: Armed with cameras and notebooks, the design team walks the site to get a feeling for the house, assess the neighborhood, and identify the challenges we face. The three-bedroom, one-bath tract house has a detached garage with a tall redwood tree behind it.

Because we want to preserve the tree, we can t push the garage back for more space. Our design Philippines remodeling costs must work with this obstacle. We note other tough problems: The kitchen overlooks the garage and a barren concrete driveway With the front door opening abruptly into the living room, there is no graceful entrance. The rooms are small, and the long, narrow lot offers no pleasing views from the dining room.

IDENTIFYING THE SCOPE OF THE REMODEL: Since this is a speculative house that will eventually sell, the team develops a fictitious client family, based on the demographics of the area, to help us focus the Philippines remodeling costs design. We envisage a professional couple with two young children. The husband and wife often work at home, like to cook and entertain, and enjoy the outdoors. The existing living quarters, single bathroom, and small galley kitchen won't work for their casual, busy lifestyle. We also want an open plan that offers indoor-outdoor living.


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(For Manila and surrounding)
American Design Construction
#92 Ordoņez St. corner Maroon St.
Concepcion Dos, Marikina City
(For Cebu, Bohol, Negros, Leyte)
ET & p Design & Construction
#888 Katugasan, Casili
Consolacion, Cebu
(For Baguio and surrounding)
RA Gacoscos Construction
#99 Greenwater Village
Baguio City, Philippines
See website
(For Davao / Mindanao)
Raul G. Anuada (Realtor & Civil Engineer)
Unit 162, 16/F Landco PDCP Corporate Center
J.P. Laureal Ave., Bajada
Davao City



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