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If you are a homeowner looking for a change, you will be subjected to some pretty intense sales pitches. Thinking of moving? Commission-minded real estate Philippines prices remodeling agents are all too happy to put your home on the market and find you a nice expensive new one. Remodeling on your mind? The contractor you call about a new bathroom may well suggest that it is time to upgrade that tired old kitchen, too. Moreover, the specter of upwardly-creeping interest rates adds a sense of urgency: You had better make a decision--and the right one--now!

"Too many people make the decision to move Philippines prices remodeling when they would actually be better served, financially or emotionally, or both, by simply remodeling," explains a homeowner support resource. "And, of course, the converse is also true in many cases."

The website's centerpiece is a Remodel Calculator, which helps figure out what is financially best by calculating the cost Philippines prices remodeling of a hypothetical remodeling project versus the cost to move. Then, it helps determine your "gut feeling" about the decision based on your opinions concerning your home, neighborhood, and the remodeling process.

The site also is a clearinghouse of practical information. Fritschen and company offer 20 or so articles on different aspects of moving Philippines prices remodeling and remodeling, such as the advisability of various projects based on length of time you plan to stay in your home, etc.

* More than 6,000,000 families spend $60,000,000,000 to sell their homes each year, many because they choose not to remodel. Other homeowners Philippines prices remodeling spend $170,000,000,000 to remodel instead of move. Either way, most families will spend thousands upon thousands of dollars.

* A common misunderstanding is that moving is free. In truth, it can cost up to 15% of your home's value for expenses associated with getting the residence ready for sale, decorating your new place, real estate Philippines prices remodeling sales commission, closing costs, and moving expenses.

* It is easy to overspend on remodeling for two reasons. First, since many homeowners Philippines prices remodeling remodel only once or twice in their lives, they are not educated remodeling consumers and do not shop around for the best prices on the work to be done. Second, they get caught up in the excitement and spend money on upgrades.


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