Philippines Floor Plan

One couple Philippines floor plan discovered how fewer interior walls can maximize every inch of space in their home.

Most families are keenly interested in finding more space in their homes Philippines floor plan and one question begs an answer: "Can we live without the usual walls that separate and divide each room?"

Philippines floor plan answered that with a resounding "yes" and transformed their historic residence into a bright and open eclectic space. "Everyone refers to this house as a shotgun double with a camelback because it was once a duplex with a second floor on the back". "The previous owners gutted and restored the Victorian-style structure by tearing down several interior walls and creating a spacious floor plan."

Minimizing the walls inside accentuates every inch of space in each room. This results in a series of multifunctional areas that create an uninterrupted flow. "Rooms without walls are not common in traditional architecture, but what an impact they make," designer Philippines floor plan explains. "Fewer dividers allow easier traffic flow and more creativity with regard to furniture and art placement. The open plan serves the passions share for great art and entertaining."

"There's nothing ordinary about this house," admits. "Its design Philippines floor plan allows for more contemporary interiors and space for big art-and, as you can see, I have a passion for art.

Instead of focusing on formal or defined rooms, concentrate on creating natural places for rest and interaction. These gathering spaces quickly become focal points for furnishings. "Oftentimes, the challenge with an open floor plan is how to divide the space into individual areas," explains. "Positioning furniture in home meant a series of small areas within the vast space, arranged around the many large, grounding paintings."

"I am essentially an artist, but I make my living practicing law," says. "My preferences are abstract and minimal. Ashley and I both have contemporary tastes."

To bring more attention to the accessories, the couple opted for a monochromatic color palette on the walls and trim. Subtle tones on upholstery and smooth, pickled oak hardwood floors, along with wall and ceiling shades of beige and sand, complement the vibrant art Philippines floor plan.

"Clean lines and neutrals work with the art. The scale of these furnishings also makes the groupings interchangeable," says.



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