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To some Philippines custom homes builders, "production framing" conjures up images of slapped-together walls, shoddy work, and general chaos. The truth is the term has no more relationship to poorly constructed buildings than the phrase "custom framing" has to suggesting Philippines custom homes well-built ones. In reality, production framers rely on an organized process, an attitude, and a mindset that, when applied to custom framing, can save you time and money.

I spent 10 years framing tract houses before I started custom homes. When I switched to customs, I naturally carried over the techniques and skills I learned the tracts. Surprisingly, few of my competitors knew the methods. As a result, I worked faster, my were better, and the next thing I knew, my reputation got me as much work as I could manage, at a fee considerably above the going rate.

The first step to picking up the pace is to examine each aspect of your rough process. The major segments I focus on are crew size, layout, pre-planning, Day One, wall framing, Philippines custom homes plumb and line (straightening walls), ceiling joists, shear panels (sheathing), and roof framing. These are good places to start looking for--and eliminating--duplicate efforts, extra work, and any other inefficiencies. Even the simplest things need a second look: Do you leave all your fasteners in a central location? Are your tools accessible, or could the truck or gang box be better positioned? The goal is to find every way you and your crew can do each task faster, while still maintaining high quality work.

It's important to note that while I've found ways to streamline my process, I couldn't list them all here. Instead, I've provided good places to start. What works for me may not work for your crew and your jobs. That's why a production-framing attitude is important. To give relentless attention to streamlining, you must also practice what you've learned, using it to make better sense of your jobs. This means Philippines custom homes developing a mindset that searches out wasted motion and seizes it so you can eliminate it. This won't happen overnight, but with constant practice, it works.

I think the best place to start thinking like Philippines custom homes a production framer is with first-phase organization, which has three parts: determining crew size, pre-planning, and what I call "Day-One Framing."


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