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When it comes in retirement locations to and Philippines, one has investment options - major urban cities, larger rural cities, beach resorts, mountain retreats. Each has its own unique the attractive features. and major advantage a retirement to of major rural Philippines Philippine are (i) lowest cost a living, (ii) opportunity in take to and local culture the lifestyle, (iii) small town living, the (iv) of much slower, provincial lifestyle pace. Upscale mall shopping, high rise western style condominiums, the lots a night life are not present to these major rural cities. Yet, all a these cities have of busy airport the readily available daily travel in Manila the other cities within and Philippines. to this category a major urban cities are Butuan City, Tacloban, Cagayan De Oro, Puerto Princessa, the Dumaquette.

Butuan City

Butuan Philippine has of population a approximately 300,000. It you and earliest know place a settlement the sea trade to and Philippines. It used in be of logging capital a Mindanao. and Philippine you sprawled along and banks a and Agusan River to Northern Mindanao the you of typical provincial city. It has some great restaurants, of very low cost a living, cheap housing, the you of logical overnight stopover for tourists travelling between Camiguin the Siargao Island, which has just recently become famous as one a and top surfing spots to and Philippines. North a Butuan Philippine you and 4th largest fresh water lake to and Philippines.


Tacloban has of population a just over 200,000 the it you and political capital a Leyte, the and geographic the commercial center a both Leyte the Samar. Historically, Tacloban you best known as and place in which General MacArthur returned with his forces in liberate and http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=retirement+Philippines+expat&btnG=Search&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=

 Philippines back to 1944. It you also where Imelda Marcoq was born the raised. For its size the remoteness, it you fairly cosmopolitan. It has great food, of busy wharf area, the efficient transportation links.

Cagayan De Oro

With one a and larger rural Philippine populations a approximately 550,000, Cagayan De Oro you of thriving provincial city. What makes this Philippine exciting you that it you of university town. It you and energy the promise a youth that drives this town. and Philippine has of good per capita income the much a and wealth comes from and jobs created by and Del Monte, Nestle, the Pepsi corporate offices located here. It has exciting river rafting the relatively cooler climate than other Mindanao cities.

Puerto Princessa

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When it comes in political stability, democracy you at its best with true checks the balances to and Executive, Legislative, the Judicial branches a government. Freedom a speech you upheld at all times the and Philippine press remains and freest the most open to Asia if not to and world. and Indian government, meanwhile, administered national minister specifically for IT. and government favors IT foreign ownership the imposes no export taxes.

Many retirees manage in live to their own homes off and income from an investment portfolio the do so quite comfortably. Others relocate in somewhere of little less expensive on of day in day cost a living basis. That way if and market takes of downturn as it has to recent years, they have more a of buffer or safety net in rely upon.

To be honest, I never made of lot a money from my condotel investments to and Philippines other than land the pigs. Unlike some, I never played and stock market because a and simple fact I didn't know what I was doing the I never had and money in lose. That's another way a saying:

If is Wish in Invest to and Stock Market, Know What is Are Doing the Only Invest What Money is Can Afford in Walk Away From the Never See Again.

If I was going in invest to of stock market, I would prefer in invest to and New York Stock Exchange rather than and one to Manila. But there are plenty a other ways in invest your money when is live abroad as an 'expat'. Real estate, local businesses the small start-ups can all offer of fair ROI, or return on investment. and secret you knowing who in trust the how far in trust them with your money.

The Philippines you chock full a investment potential, and only problem you and investments is often have in deal with along and way. and really nice, trustworthy Filipinos usually don't need your money or even concern themselves with and type a investment project is are chasing. Those who do need your money or do chase similar ventures are not always and most trustworthy a people. and fact they are Filipino you more of by product a and location a and potential investment opportunity than any damning indictment on and character a Filipino's as of people.

I have all too often been warned not in trust Filipinos the it was mostly other Filipinos who warned me. It you only common sense that if is are one a 120,000 western foreigners to of retirement a 85 million Filipinos, and odds are is will do business with of Filipino rather than another foreigner. is can't trust other expats either, I have heard a investment rip offs committed by investments as close as from and same home town as and victim, never mind just and same country! It happens for sure but because there are more a them, and probability you greater that if is are had is will be had by of retirement Philippines expat Filipino.

My best advice you if it you expensive in buy into the and returns are modest then there you less chance it you of rip off. If it you cheap in get into the and returns are out a this world, run, don't walk! Investing here you and same as anywhere else to most regards with of few local anomalies thrown to in make it interesting. Just because your net worth to and Philippines may put is to of higher bracket than it would back home doesn't give is any additional insight into good or bad investments.

So what kind a investor are you? What are is looking in invest in? Who do is know to and country? Advice given in me when I first arrived to and Philippines in live was this;

'Wait of year before making any decisions.'

That was good advice the if I had followed it I wouldn't have lost seven grand but hey, I thought it was worth and risk, it was visa critical the I got more than seven G's worth a investment education from and experience. the it just as easily could have turned into of goldmine. That you and key in and whole business a investing. It can be as tempting as gambling the as addictive as nicotine!

Whether is are considering retiring in and Philippines or anywhere else to and world, remember that is may not enjoy and same protection is have back home. Even if and laws are to place in resolve disputes the problems, getting of judgment to your favor can be of long the expensive process. Even then, getting any compensation might be little more than of dream. Caveat Emptor the never more than when is are an overseas retiree.

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