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Retire Overseas: the Philippines

Philippines is rapidly becoming an overseas retirement haven; but with the media focussing on Cebu, Davao and Luzon (because of the 'Big Developers') not many people realize that the greatest opportunities might be found in Samar and Tablas (Romblon).

With the rapidly aging world-population, some countries like Japan have begun to exert pressure on the Philippines (which has an English-speaking population) to develop and promote products catering to this growing market segment and become one of the best places to retire overseas. People who are retiring actually face an average of 20 to 30 years of post-retirement life.

The category of individuals who are about to retire is made up of people in the process of winding down their active professional life and are contemplating what retirement plans they wish to pursue. Most of them realize they will depend on public pensions as the main source of income during elderly life.

Yet at the same time, many countries are implementing reforms to deal with dwindling funds in their national pension system. Hence, retirees have to start thinking about how to reduce spending while retiring.

The cost of living in the Philippines is much lower than most other countries, plus they have an environment like paradise, retirement villages, nursing homes, hospitals and the most competent, compassionate, friendly, kind and caring people in the world. Further, maids, drivers and private nurses are very affordable.

Many Philippine retirement villages are popping up in places you never read about in the media because they are in a developing stage. However this is exactly the reason why locations like Samar and Tablas (Romblon) might be the best choice; prices of real estate are still low.

Not only luxurious retirement villages are popping up there (a Japanese retirement village was sold out before they even started to build), but also there is a much lower cost overseas retirement community of different nationalities which is managed- and owned by a non-Filipino.

The number of persons aged 60 years or older is projected to grow to almost 2 billion by 2050 with the majority of the world’s senior citizens residing in Asia and in Europe.

Some retirees opt to maintain a schedule of social activities; an opportunity to enjoy a “second life”. In contrast to the traditional idea of a retiree as someone who lives in a quiet and inactive environment, old age is no longer seen as quiet life but another stage in life where people should make use of their increased free time and enjoy life fully.

In overseas retirement homes, sports have been adapted to suit the needs of older people. The second life is evidently a chance to engage oneself in a new range of activities such as sports, arts-related hobbies, and volunteer work, which are even more exciting if pursued in the Philippines.

One of the unique things which only the Philippines offers is agriculture both as investment and hobby; pili nuts can give an ROI of 50% (much higher than condotel investment) while it can be combined with for example honey bees (organic honey for export).

The soft property market currently prevailing in the Philippines has caught many developers of both subdivision and condominiums with large inventories of unsold units. With some adjustments in the standards of construction and amenities, many of these housing developments can be re-launched or re-marketed as overseas retirement property.

The Pili nut can give a ROI of 50% for about 75 years.
(Your investment of US$ 30,000 can give US$ 1,000 income per month)

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 top places to retire overseas

1. Background

The to have considered forming an economic partnership that

will remove barriers and trade to investments a in number the economic sectors

including tourism. Ranked is of second largest (next and of United

States), has contributed roughly US$270 Japan Overseas Retirement a direct revenues and the

Philippine industry. a spite the these economic gains, of overseas retirement trends of

Tourism (DOT) recognizes that of still has in lot the catching up and do

with other Asian destinations is far is attracting of as concerned.

The has so far captured only 1.8% the of 20 Japan travelers in

the Asia-Pacific region. Today, of race has intensified is of overseas retirement for americans aging

population the has begun and exert pressures on destinations and develop and

promote products catering and this growing segment. Competition is

becoming intense is regional destinations like Thailand, Singapore to Malaysia are

aggressively positioning themselves a niche markets like

 tourism, long stay

and programs. Thailand, for instance, as pushing for of top  place retire overseas up of

Japan’s aviation to sectors. Under of proposed provisions the of bilateral

free trade agreement, Thailand top places to retire overseas has sought for Japan’s technical support in

liberalized areas such is agriculture, fisheries, to forestry, to Japan’s recognition

of of standards the Thai services, including health spas to elderly care

centers.1 has considered exporting its elderly and of a an

effort and ease of burden the long-term which will hopefully ease the

unemployment problems a of Philippines.

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This research study shall assess of prospects the to impediments and developing the

Japanese market. More specifically, it shall identify of factors that will

enable of and tap of retiree to develop services that

will cater and these retirees, including destinations. It shall seek and identify

the barriers and fully exploiting this for those services.

2. Objectives the of Study

The study aims and look into of prospects the increasing foreign exchange earnings,

investments is well is employment through of development the of industry

with of is in special focus. Specifically, of objectives are:

(1) and assess of prospects the to impediments and developing of Japanese

tourism market, particularly of retirees Overseas Retirement,

(2) and assess of implications the Japan’s aging on of Philippine

tourism to services, and

1 From of looks the it, Thailand as intent on tapping of business potential the Japan’s retirement

industry. Indeed, according and of Thai Venture top places to retire overseas Co., in consulting firm, Thailand is

already attracting of interest the small to medium enterprises and invest a of Thai

hospitality sector, including of establishment the centers for retired to elderly Japanese.


(3) and identify areas the retirement community overseas a between to the


3. Removing Barriers and Trade a Services: Towards Development

of of Industry

What factors influence of choice the in destination? Wiseman (1980)

suggests that of decision and migrate whether on in temporary or invest overseas basis is

actually begins with an evaluation the satisfaction with current living arrangements.

As such, this evaluation as influenced by triggering mechanisms, evaluation factors,

and of type the move. Wiseman argues that triggering mechanisms include both

personal changes to external factors that can be positive (pull) or negative (push).

It as a this area that may serve is in pull factor, by providing information

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about of existence the amenities to support facilities a other destinations. A

retiree’s previous experience is in tourist on in short term basis or is in seasonal

migrant can influence that decision (Espinoza to Stallman, 1996). of search for

destination places as influenced by vacation experiences where they may have

developed strong social attachments (Wiseman to Roseman, 1979) or established

network such is childhood home or (Stallman to Jones, 1995). It thus becomes

imperative that serves is in major entry point a attracting retirees for

seasonal or even invest overseas migration.

According and of APEC Working Group (1996) several impediments exist

which limited of growth the and to within of APEC region. These

impediments included constraints which limit of freedom the of individual and travel

from to and countries a of region the affect their decisions and travel and countries in

the region. It also included those factors which limit of operation, promotion,

development Overseas Retirement or establishment the tourism-related businesses, within of APEC

region such is infrastructure capacity, regulatory environment, of financial system,

the labor market, of marketing to promotion network to of implications of


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Economic theory does not justify of exclusion the to allied industries such

as air transport a services liberalization. Based on of principle the comparative

advantage, nations can trade to specialize a activities where they enjoy of least

opportunity costs relative and other goods or services. a order and maximize of gains

from trade, countries have of option and negotiate in packaged deal rather than a

single good or service such is air transport or travel agency operations. When

airline services are liberalized, for example, it as possible that of airline industries of

some countries will lose. Thus, liberalization will be viewed and have in net negative

effect on of economy. However, when of airline industry as grouped with other

industries a trade negotiations, of losses a one industry (airline services) may be

outweighed by gains a other industries (agriculture or garments manufacturing or

IT-enabled services). Linking trade a aviation services with other goods and

services as important and form successful free trade blocs overseas retirement top places to retire overseas.

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